Andrew Wolf is a brilliant DJ and a talented musician, his music gives incredible feelings of dynamism and happiness, and waves of positivity do not leave anyone indifferent on the dance floor. He is a showman-magician who immerses people in the world of magical colors. In His world. He will blow up any dance floor with his sets! And this is not surprising, because on March 9, 2010 DJ Andrew Wolf celebrates the 15th anniversary of his creative activity! He writes music, and quite successfully! In March 2009, his remix on Reead – Baby was in the TOP10 in the competition of the English label ROLL RECORDS and successfully sold on! Andrew Wolf is currently preparing to release an album that includes tracks Hallala, Opium, King of Afterparty, Wings (anthem of the Kyiv club Salminskiy in early 2009), Wellcome, Sky, Spirit – the anthem of Kyiv street racers, which was presented in the summer of 2006 on KISS FM radio, and remixes: on Reead – Baby, Tiff Lacey – Take your time and Green Velvet – Lalaland. Andriy Wolf’s tracks can be heard on Lux FM radio. In 2001 he released his first mixed release “Heat on the dancefloor” on the label “Lighthouse”. Since then, most of his mixes: AURA: White (Black), Fire, Queen, AC | DC, Supermen, Opium, Lunatik, Euro, Stereo Wolf, Modem, Alive, Je T’aime, Proza are very popular among Kyiv and Crimean clubbers! Prefers the following styles: electro-tight, progressive house, progressive trance, el-trance, el-breaks.