DJ Joshua defines himself as just someone who appreciates quality music, especially the electronic side that caught his attention right away, captivating his interest in his styles from house to drum’n’bass and chillout to techno imposing. He began to put together the first songs with the legendary k7 decks in the early nineties, moving quickly to the mix of vinyl slivers. He collaborated on local radio shows on electronic music and performed at parties organized together with friends. In those days, while accompanying the beginning and growth of the dance scene in Portugal, his interest in this type of sound and the development of this culture became more and more.
As his taste for these sonorities and the art of djing was always intense, after having been away from the mixes for a long time due to various reasons, he returned a few years ago through the creation of an online podcast under the name ” Floating Beats Sessions “. This podcast ended up being extended to give rise to a radio show broadcasted weekly in diverse radios online.
Just give a listen and enjoy all the trips…