Yuliya Matuss (NY, USA).
By creating his vinyl label, Matuss is paving a path that not everyone can. Through her label Absence Seizure, she has a creative space that shows her deep passion for music and provides a platform to showcase her to the world. The name (Absence Seizure) refers to a direct link between the symptoms in epilepsy and the whole process associated with music, such as writing and, in some cases, listening. When you turn off and it’s super excitement from the intense work of brain cells … hence the art on the plates is appropriate. The goal is to allow the listener to see and hear what he wants. In Rorschach’s drawing, everyone can see something of their own and possibly associate it with a corresponding release.
The meeting with Abe Duque turned out to be a significant event in Matuss’s life, as they created Absence Seizure together. It was founded in 2015, when Matuss worked at Dubspot (School of Production and Dj in New York). Abe and Julia shared similar views on how the label should work. The music is released exclusively on records that are not pleasing to any particular genre and is a means for Matuss to express himself. Music is the goal of her life: almost all decisions are determined by this one factor. So she created a label to depict her music and her escapism, where you can let your heart and soul pave the way.
After creating the label, they held a series of parties in New York called Fight Klub. They also had Absence Seizure release parties in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, respectively. The key was to have a party without announcing the name: it’s just about music and art concepts. As the label developed, it received support from Mixmag, DJ Mag, Xlr8r and Flux FM, as well as from some highly respected DJs such as Derek Plaslaiko, Francesca Lombardo, Guti, Jus_ Ed, Heartthrob, Baikal, Iron Curtis, Powel, Nick Clarke, Acid Pauli, Laurent Garnier, Carlo Lio, Gel Abril, John Digweed, Radio Slave, Nadia Lind, Luigi Madonna, Shlomi Aber, Lena Willikens. Following the growth of her skills as a person, producer and DJ, along with her energetic pace of work on the release of new music, the best for the future charming artist is still ahead.