I am 57 years old. I am with Dnepr. My name Dj Peter Raiskiy. I have been making music for many years. 10 years ago I started as a banquet DJ. And 6 years ago I organized the project “Dnepr deep connection” for DJs in Kiev and Dnipro. Organized the project “Children of Paradise” for young DJs from among my During these 6 years he taught 16 DJs his craft as a DJ. Many continue to work as DJs. Participant of the Triangle festival (All-Ukrainian festival of electronic music, Dnipro). He took 37th place on the “promodj” website and 3rd place in the “hearthis” chat. at “I have repeatedly invited to radio broadcasts with radio streams from Russia and the Baltic states. This year I organized 5 battles of DJs” Paradise Gathers Friends “. I play in the style of deep, tech, soul, house, progressive, latino, afro, tribal.